Gone Baby Gone – To Daytona…

Life has been crazy the past couple of weeks, mainly because we have had company but things are quiet again and I finally feel like I have a second to myself to write this blog. A few hours ago, we returned home from Daytona Beach after being gone for four days. It feels good to get things back to normal, finally, and I am looking forward to completely unpacking and washing the sand out from all the baby things. Fun fun.
I basically wanted to use this particular blog to say happy mother’s day and share some photos from our vacation. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you enjoy the last few hours of this great holiday to celebrate all the amazing women in all of our lives, the ones still here, and the ones that have left us too soon.
Love always,
Baby K and Me


Baby K’s Big Night Out…

photo (31)
Last night the family made the trek out to Turner Field for the first time this season to watch the Braves take on the Marlins. It was Baby K’s first baseball game and I couldn’t wait for her to see it. I knew she would not understand what was going on, or where she was, but the lights, the people and the noise excited her far more than anything else she had ever seen. They even had this certificate they gave her for being a first timer. She also got loaded up on braves gear, including a baseball cap and freeman shirt jersey. She is too adorable not to spoil, haha.
photo (33)
You know, I feel baseball, more than other sports, has a glue like substance to it. I guess what I mean by that is being at the ballpark, I see more families, more dads with their daughters, more moms with their husbands and kids. It is reassuring, that in this day we still have things out there beyond television that can bring families together. Baseball to me is steadfast, it was one of those rare things that you can look to and for the most part is untouched or unchanged. I want my Baby K to know some things remain the same, some things will always bring us together, that you can take something that has been around for over 150 years and it still have a positive impact on the people it touches. I want Baby K to be exposed to something both me and her father enjoy equally. Being a parent is about exposing your child, exposing your child to religion, or their ABC’s or new vegetables and as important as exposing all those things are, I don’t want to forget to expose her to the fun things, to the kinds of things that will make memories for her.
I look forward to the next time we go to the ballpark as a family, it truly is one of the best memories.

Love always,
Baby K and Me
photo (28)

That’s What I Love About Sundays…

Sundays are for family, they are for cooking Sunday dinner, they are for grocery shopping, they are for leftover homework I put off, BUT MOSTLY they are for God.
When I was younger, probably about 4 or 5 I was actually terrified of God. I am not sure what it was, I think it was probably me taking the lessons the wrong way, like I thought he would flood the world and I might not make it on Noah’s ark (after all I thought he only had room for 2 of each kind), or maybe it was the Jonah and the whale story that scared me, or maybe it was when they taught us one day Jesus was going to come for us and take us away. Of course, I didn’t fully understand these stories and my childhood mind was a creative one so I elaborated these stories and made them many moons more intense than they ever actually were, but the point is, these thoughts faded and I quickly became an adolescent of God, and eventually became the woman of God that I am today.
Now I have a beautiful daughter, a beautiful daughter who has no earthly idea who God is or who Jesus is, or what in the world the bible is and it is my responsibility to introduce these things to her. MY RESPONSIBILITY. In my opinion, the biggest responsibility I will ever have. It is my responsibility to send her to church on Sundays, to read her stories from the bible, to make sure she even has a bible, to make sure she knows that God is not only reserved for Sundays, that she knows she can open her bible on a Tuesday if she would like or to make sure she DOES NOT have to be afraid of him. I want church to be a part of her life, I want church to be a part of our families life, something not just for Easter Sunday or Christmas Eve, something we get up and go to every Sunday, or even a Monday, or if we feel the call to go on a Thursday, we go. We pray. Whenever we feel the need. I want that to be my daughters life and I hope she will accept that kind of life when she has the ability to say no, but chooses not too.
Baby K only now knows the nursery of our church, the large brick walls painted with scenes from Noah’s ark and Daniel in the lions den, but soon she will be receiving Sunday school lessons with the older kids in daycare and I can only hope she feels some sort of completion, some sort of heart felt love, some sort of recognition that she has someone other than mommy and daddy to run to when she needs him. This is what I want for her, and I hope one day she wants the same thing for herself.
Sundays are for lots of things,
but mostly Sundays are for God.

Love always,
Baby K and Me

The Dreaded First Virus…

Wow, what a week it’s been and it’s only Wednesday?! Baby K has come down with some sort of viral infection but the doctors are not sure what she has. She had an appointment on Monday and they tested her for a few things including RSV which came back negative (thankfully), but decided to not send her into the children’s hospital to check for more serious viruses and instead sent her home with a nebulizer to hopefully improve her breathing. I have never ever seen my daughter throw a bigger tantrum than when she has to use this thing (which is every FOUR hours), it’s pretty ridiculous. The intention of it being if she improved by using the nebulizer, then they would not do additional testing after her follow up appointment the next Monday. Well so far we’ve seen minimal improvement.
She is taking in very little fluid, four ounces here and there, and mostly what she does take in she vomits up, although that too has been improving. She vomited blood a few times on Monday but since that has ceased. But now that she is having stomach issues on both ends we are monitoring her to ensure dehydration is not a factor at any point. She does keep down solids which is wonderful cause I don’t need another thing to worry about. The doctor did put her on a probiotic yesterday so hopefully we will see more improvement very soon.
Today, she has been very lethargic and you can tell she is getting frustrated with not being able to breathe out of her nose, and not being able to rid herself of this cough which goes from being dry to having phlegm. I think that’s why she has had such a hard time with the bottle and pacifiers too, because it’s so hard to breathe out of her nose that she needs her mouth. We have been syringing her pedialyte for this reason, which has had mixed success at its best. Hopefully by the weekend, we are optimistic, she will be back to her smiley self, playing and having a good time. Which needs to happen because we have a yard sale this Saturday and it is going to be BEAUTIFUL out so I would love to take her to the park afterwards.
Well, if you pray, pray for us because she needs it, aw heck I could use some prayers too because it’s been a rough week for all us dealing with this!

Love always,
Baby K and Me

The Beginning…

I never kept a diary or a journal as a little girl, and I have never had a blog, so this spilling my guts out to a computer is a new concept to me outside of the occasional “Going to the gym, I am so cool,” post on Facebook. However, here I am ready to tell perfect strangers or family or friends or whoever is reading this bits and pieces of my story about being a housewife, a mother, and a Christian.
7 months ago, I got saved. But it is not what you are thinking, it didn’t come in the form of a revelation, in the form of a baptism, or a salvation statement. I guess in that since I have already been saved. This was a different kind of saving. My baby girl was born 7 months ago August 27th, 2013. I often felt the world had ruined me up until this point, most of my childhood, teenager years and early 20’s were spent feeling sorry for myself. I frequently felt cheated, or abandoned, or found myself making questionable choices. I did not like who I was or where I was going, wherever that was. Sure, I graduated high school and eventually graduated college right before my daughter was born, but even success hides things you want no one else to see.
My mother died when I was so little, she was the victim of a hit and run accident. This has had 21 years to resonate with me. I absolutely felt cheated out of a childhood with my mother, I often still do. My dad was never around, and still keeps to himself, leaving me in the dark about his life. So my grandmother took up the slack, and she is WONDERFUL for it. She is all I have ever known – my grandmother, mother and father all wrapped up into one, and topped with a bow. But this doesn’t mean I didn’t feel like still pieces of me were missing. REALLY OFTEN. But then came August 27th, 2013 and all the negative faded away. The world had ruined me, had brought me down, made me feel hurt, jealous, confused, but when I saw her face, heard her cry, watched her look at me for the first time, everything changed. She made me whole again, she put all my pieces back together. My entire life I had been snorkeling without an oxygen tank but at 3:02pm on that glorious day, I got to come up for air. I could breathe for what felt like the first time. A bond between a mother and a child, something I thought I was robbed of, I would never have, I finally got to experience with the birth of my daughter. I could feel it, touch it, hold it and it was more amazing than I could have ever imagined or dreamed of. I am in awe, always, everyday of our relationship.
So this is my blog about my journey through motherhood,  what I have learned, what I am continuing to learn and what we are up to. I hope you enjoy it.

Love always,
Baby K and Me