Getting Over the First Birthday Blues…

I know what you’re expecting me to say, “It feels like yesterday she was born…my baby is growing too fast” or something like that. WRONG. It doesn’t feel yesterday. We’ve had some rough days, some LONG days, and some LONGER nights, and parts of the year have been slow but parts of the year have been extremely long and a lot of it hasn’t been easy. But here we are almost a year later and I finding myself party planning for the big O-N-E. I am going through a little bit of denial that she will actually be one later this month. Partly because I look in the mirror and think why I am still rocking all this pregnancy weight a year later and partly because to me she still seems so little. It’s tough on a mom, to know you no longer have a baby and you suddenly have a toddler. It’s a transition, and it’s hard, really hard. Turning one is a big deal, the biggest deal and honestly I am slightly blue over this. She knows it too, I’ll grab her and rock her like a baby and she will squirm her way out of my arms, I will rock her and start to sing and she will babble over my voice and wiggle off of the chair, she is constantly reminding me she is growing up and I guess I have to learn to be okay with that. But here’s to the next year, and everything it brings, whatever it may bring, I can only wish that the love of God runs through her veins forever, for each birthday she may celebrate on this earth and the hope that He allows her many before He calls her Home. Because the truth is I am blessed to be given the opportunity to celebrate this time with my baby girl, because I know there are too many parents out there who will never have that opportunity or parents who are struggling to have that opportunity at all and I am so grateful of all the blessings that the Lord has given our family this year. So my baby is not so much of a baby anymore but she is still mine, and she is growing, and she is healthy and for this I am forever grateful, and I am incredibly excited to spend so many more birthdays with her sweet face. What a blessing.

Love always,
Baby K and Me


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